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Along with client safety, employee health and safety are our top priority! Therefore, to minimize your exposure to COVID-19, you are expected to work remotely (telecommute) until further notice. The main office will be open sporadically for specific purposes only!

Along with client safety, employee health and safety are our top priority! Therefore, to minimize your exposure to COVID-19, you are expected to work remotely (telecommute) until further notice. The main office will be open sporadically for specific purposes only!

The Lower East Side Family Union is an essential business operation, as defined by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.6 (New York State on PAUSE). We are committed to the safety of NYC’s children and families.

The Lower East Side Family Union is an essential business operation, as defined by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.6 (New York State on PAUSE). We are committed to the safety of NYC’s children and families.

As you are aware, the City is currently responding to the novel coronavirus, and we want to make sure that you are provided with the most up-to-date information. Cómo ya sabe, la Ciudad de Nueva York está respondiendo al brote del coronavirus, y queremos asegurarnos que reciba información actualizada. 如您所知, 紐約市目前正在應對新冠病毒, 我們會確保向您提供最新的消息

Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs

As you are aware, the City is currently responding to the novel coronavirus, and we want to make sure that you are provided with the most up-to-date information.

Cómo ya sabe, la Ciudad de Nueva York está respondiendo al brote del coronavirus, y queremos asegurarnos que reciba información actualizada.

如您所知, 紐約市目前正在應對新冠病毒, 我們會確保向您提供最新的消息



Stockpile will have 90 days of PPE on reserve for healthcare facilities citywide


NEW YORK—Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today that the City will create and maintain a 90-day stockpile of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure hospitals citywide are equipped to handle a potential resurgence of COVID-19. The City will also continue to surge PPE to nursing homes across the city, adding to the Administration’s existing efforts to support nursing homes fighting the COVID-19 crisis. New York City has sufficient PPE to get through the week for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic.


“We’ve been to hell and back, beating this virus back inch-by-inch every day,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “But now is not the time to let our guard down. We are planning for every possible scenario with COVID-19, ensuring our hospitals and frontline heroes will have the reinforcements they need to save lives.”



To create a 90-day reserve of PPE, the City will gradually add materials to a stockpile reserve once it has a total of 14 days on-hand. This will ensure that hospitals citywide are equipped to handle any potential resurgence of COVID-19.



The City has continued to surge supplies and support to its nursing homes, sending a total of ten million pieces of PPE in weekly distributions to all 169 nursing homes citywide. Every nursing home has received N95 masks, surgical masks, gowns, eye protection, and gloves.


This week, the City will send nursing homes:


  • 1.93 million surgical masks
  • 170,000 face shields
  • 767,000 gloves
  • 173,000 surgical gowns
  • 15,000 coveralls and aprons
  • 10,000 shoe coverings



New Yorkers should continue to wear face coverings to protect each other from COVID-19. Last week, the City began giving out free face coverings, and in total, the City plans to give out at least 7.5 million for free, including 5 million three-ply non-medical masks and 2.5 million cloth face coverings. These free resources will be distributed to New Yorkers at parks, NYCHA buildings, DOE grab-and-go Meal Hubs, via emergency food deliveries, the Staten Island Ferry and NYC Ferry, grocery stores, Mitchell-Lama buildings, via community groups, anywhere the City is doing social distancing enforcement and more.



So far, the Department of Education has delivered approximately 255,000 internet-enabled devices to students for remote learning. This is on top of the 175,000 devices the DOE distributed at the beginning of remote learning. Now, students with disabilities in religious and independent nonpublic schools can also request tablets. Families should call 311 or visit to request a device.






NEW YORK—Today, in observance of International Firefighters’ Day and in appreciation of first responders’ efforts in battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Frontline Foods and 9/11 Day partnered to deliver over 2,700 meals to firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, and dispatchers in New York City. This donation is part of Frontline Foods’ and 9/11 Day’s national effort to bring prepared meals to nearly 5,000 first responders in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, Chicago and Phoenix. 9/11 Day provided an initial grant to Frontline Foods of $55,000 to support the first responder meal deliveries.


“Our firefighters, EMTs and paramedics are going above-and-beyond in this crisis,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “On this National Firefighters’ Day, in partnership with Frontline Foods and 9/11 Day, we’re making sure they’re well fed, too. On behalf of all New Yorkers, thank you for your service to our city.”


“We started Frontline Foods with a dual purpose—support our ailing restaurant industry and honor our frontline heroes by providing them with healthy meals during their fight to keep us safe. While we started with clinicians in hospitals, our vision has always been that there are many more groups on the frontline fighting to keep us safe during the crisis. Today we are proud to honor our firefighters and EMS personnel for everything they do, today and every day,” said Frontline Foods co-founding organizer Ryan Sarver.


“We are so pleased to partner with Frontline Foods and local municipalities to recognize our first responders on International Firefighters’ Day. During COVID-19, it’s critical to support these brave men and women who risk their lives for us every single day,” said Jay S. Winuk, co-founder of 9/11 Day and the brother of Glenn Winuk, a volunteer firefighter and EMT who died in the line of duty on 9/11. “Frontline Foods has been a terrific partner in ensuring the delivery of high-quality meals in a safe manner to our first responders, while also supporting local businesses during this difficult time. We thank our 9/11 Day sponsors and local elected officials across all of these communities for their support in helping to provide these meals to those who keep us safe.”


“Wishing our firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, and their families a happy and healthy International Firefighters’ Day,” said COVID-19 Public-Private Partnership Czar Peter Hatch. “Today’s delivery is an excellent example of how the administration is thinking outside the box to bring much-needed resources to frontline workers and get City’s restaurants cooking again. Thanks to Frontline Foods and the 9/11 Day for making today possible.”


“On behalf of the members of the Department, I want to thank Frontline Foods and 9/11 Day for their generous support of the FDNY during this unprecedented time,” said Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro. “Their outstanding efforts are not only making an impact in the lives of our EMTs, Paramedics, and Firefighters who are bravely responding each day, they’re also supporting so many restaurants across the city when it is needed most.”


“Volunteer-led organizations have been vital in quickly responding to COVID-19 challenges,” said NYC Chief Service Officer Anusha Venkataraman. “It is also through partnerships that we are able to unite across sectors and support as many New Yorkers as we can, from long-time partners to the City such as 9/11 Day or newer partners like Frontline Foods. Working together, we can strengthen our city against this crisis and future challenges.”




Resources and Updates you may find useful:

Recursos y Actualizaciones que les pueden ser útiles:



New York State on PAUSE is extended through May 15th. Non-essential workforce is directed to continue to work from home until at least that day.

El Estado de NY en PAUSA se extiende hasta el 15 de Mayo. Todo personal no esencial debe continuar trabajando en casa al menos hasta ese día.


Department of Education

Advancement Placement Exam Fees

In response to the unique challenges brought on by COVID-19, the DOE is extending coverage of AP exam fees for spring 2020 (including the late-testing window in June) to include all students. In prior years, the DOE has only covered the cost of AP exams for economically disadvantaged students. This year, the DOE will cover all base AP exam fees, which is the basic cost of the exam, and late order fees, while the College Board will waive all other fees, including canceled, unused, and late-testing fees. The College Board will not assess any fees for exams not taken in spring 2020. 

On March 20 the College Board announced it would be shifting all paper-based AP exams to online testing, which students may complete at home. A small number of AP courses will not have final online exams and will instead have a written paper or portfolio requirement that will be used to determine an exam score; a full list of exam offerings, testing schedule, and submission deadlines is available on the AP Coronavirus Updates page.


Regional Enrichment Centers (RECs) 

We are operating Regional Enrichment Centers across the city, which serve the children of our city’s essential workers.  We are serving approximately 8,000 students daily, over half of whom are the children of medical workers. And, those regional enrichment centers serve medical workers, first responders, transit workers, and we just added new eligibility for restaurant/food/takeout and delivery workers and residential and commercial building staff.  Families can sign up on our website.


  • RECs are open and operate from 7:30am to 6:00pm (Monday-Friday), and will ensure that students have access to remote learning as well as various art, music, and other activities.
  • If your child is a New York City resident and you would like to enroll in one of these centers, please complete this

o   Please complete this form for each child you are seeking to enroll. You will then receive an email confirming your child’s center assignment.


Departamento de Educación

Tarifa de Examen de clasificación

En respuesta a los desafíos únicos planteados por COVID-19, el DOE extendiendo la cobertura de tarifas de los exámenes AP para la primavera de 2020 (incluyendo la ventana de exámenes finales en junio) para incluir a todos los estudiantes. En años anteriores, el DOE solo cubrió el costo de los exámenes AP para estudiantes con desventajas económicas. Este año, el DOE cubrirá todas las tarifas básicas del examen AP, que incluye el costo básico de examen y las tarifas de pedidos tardíos. El College Board cancelara el resto de tarifas, y no evaluará ninguna tarifa por los exámenes que no se tomaron en la primavera de 2020.


El 20 de marzo, el College Board anunció que cambiaría todos los exámenes AP en papel a exámenes en línea que los estudiantes pueden completar en casa. Algunos  cursos AP no tendrán exámenes finales en línea y en su lugar tendrán un requisito de ensayo escrito o portafolio  que se utilizará para determinar la calificación de un examen; una lista completa de las ofertas de exámenes, el calendario de examenes y los plazos de presentación están disponibles en AP Coronavirus Updates page.


Centros Regionales de Enriquecimiento (REC)

Regional Enrichment Centers (RECs)


Estamos operando centros regionales de enriquecimiento en toda la ciudad, que sirven a los niños de los trabajadores esenciales de nuestra ciudad. Servimos a aproximadamente 8,000 estudiantes diariamente, más de la mitad de los cuales son hijos de trabajadores médicos. Y, esos centros de enriquecimiento regionales sirven a trabajadores médicos, socorristas, trabajadores de tránsito, y acabamos de agregar una nueva elegibilidad para trabajadores de restaurantes / comida / comida para llevar y entrega y personal de edificios residenciales y comerciales. Las familias pueden registrarse en nuestro sitio web.


Los REC están abiertos y funcionan de 7:30 A. M. A 6:00 P. M. (De lunes a viernes) y garantizarán que los estudiantes tengan acceso al aprendizaje remoto así como a diversas actividades artísticas, musicales y más. Si su hijo es reside en la ciudad de Nueva York y desea inscribirse en uno de estos centros, complete este formulario:

Complete este formulario para cada niño que desee inscribir. Luego recibirá un correo electrónico confirmando la asignación del centro de su hijo





为了应对COVID-19带来的独特挑战,教育局正在扩大免去2020年春季的AP考试费用(包括6月的后期测试时间),以涵盖所有学生。 在过去的几年中,DOE只承担了经济上处于劣势的学生的AP考试费用。 今年,教育局将支付所有基本的AP考试费用(这是考试的基本费用)和后期订购费用,而大学理事会将免除所有其他费用,包括已取消,未使用和后期测试的费用。 对于在2020年春季未参加的考试,大学理事会将不收取任何费用。


3月20日,大学理事会宣布将所有书面AP考试改为在线考试,学生可以在家中完成。 少数AP课程不会进行最终在线考试,而是有书面论文或习题要求,用于确定考试分数;AP Coronavirus Updates page页面上提供了完整的考试内容,考试时间表和提交截止日期列表。




我们每天为大约8,000名学生提供服务,其中一半以上是医护人员的孩子。 而且,这些地区丰富中心为医务人员,急救人员,过境人员提供服务,我们刚刚增加了餐厅/食品/外卖和送货人员以及住宅和商业建筑人员的新资格。 有兴趣的家庭可以在我们的网站上注册。

  • REC的开放时间为上午7:30至下午6:00(星期一至星期五),并确保学生可以使用远程学习以及各种艺术,音乐和其他活动。
  • 如果您的孩子是纽约市居民,并且您想注册这些中心之一,请填写此
  • 请为您要注册的每个孩子填写此表格。然后,您将收到一封电子邮件,确认您孩子的中心分配。



The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Bitta Mostofi, Department of Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot, and NYC Health and Hospitals Ambulatory Care Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andrew Wallach hosted a Community and Ethnic Media virtual round table on COVID-19 testing updates.  Watch the full playback recording (Password: vJj9ydiu)

Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs Hotline: If you have questions about immigration or how to access City services during the COVID-19 crisis, call our hotline at 212-788-7654 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, or email to


La Comisionada de la Oficina de Asuntos de Inmigrantes del Alcalde, Bitta Mostofi, el Comisionado del Departamento de Salud, Oxiris Barbot, y el Director Médico de Atención Ambulatoria de NYC Health and Hospitals, Dr. Andrew Wallach, organizaron una mesa redonda virtual de Medios Comunitarios y Étnicos sobre las actualizaciones de las pruebas de COVID-19. Vea la grabación de reproducción completa aqui :  Watch the full playback recording (Contraseña: vJj9ydiu)

Línea directa de la Oficina de Asuntos de Inmigrantes de la Alcaldía: Si tiene preguntas sobre inmigración o cómo acceder a los servicios de la Ciudad durante la crisis de COVID-19, llame a nuestra línea directa al 212-788-7654 de 9am a 5pm, de lunes a viernes, o envíe un correo electrónico a


市长办公室移民事务局局长Bitta Mostofi,卫生署署长Oxiris Barbot以及纽约市卫生和医院门诊首席医学官Andrew Wallach博士主持了关于COVID-19测试更新的社区和种族媒体虚拟会议。 观看完整的播放记录(密码:vJj9ydiu) 



Services for Domestic and Gender-Based Violence Survivors: Call NYC’s 24-hour hotline at 1800-621-4673 or call 911 for emergencies. For additional resources go to:


Servicios para sobrevivientes de violencia doméstica y de género: llame a la línea directa las 24 horas de Nueva York al 1800-621-4673 o llame al 911 para emergencias. Para obtener recursos adicionales, visite:


针对家庭暴力和性别暴力幸存者的服务:拨打纽约市的24小时热线1800-621-4673或紧急情况下拨打911。 有关其他资源,请访问:


Resources for Immigrants during the coronavirus crisis

Recursos para la comunidad inmigrante durante el coronavirus


New York City will be distributing over 100,000 face coverings in parks across the city free of charge from Saturday, May 2nd – Tuesday, May 5th. Use the map below to find the closest distribution location, date, and time


La ciudad de Nueva York distribuirá gratuitamente más de 100,000 revestimientos faciales en parques de toda la ciudad del sábado 2 de mayo al martes 5 de mayo. Use el mapa a continuación para encontrar la ubicación, fecha y hora de distribución más cercana


从5月2日(星期六)至5月5日(星期二),纽约市将免费在全市的公园中分发100,000多张面罩。 使用下面的地图查找最接近的分发位置,日期和时间


Report Discrimination

Reporte Actos de Discriminación



COVID-19 Data/ Datos de COVID-19/新冠病毒数据:

The data reflects the most recent information collected about people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in NYC. It is updated daily:

Los datos presentados a continuación reflejan la información más reciente recopilada sobre las personas que dieron positivo para COVID-19 en Nueva York:

数据显示了目前收集的有关纽约市新冠病毒检测呈阳性的人的最新信息。 每天更新:


Public health milestones:

Hitos de salud pública



Other Resources/Otros Recursos/其他資源


Poison Control – staying safe while staying home

Control de envenenamiento- mantenerse seguro mientras estemos en casa


Information About COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS)

Dear Preventive Services Families: LESFU staff will remain in contact with you during this public health crisis by phone, email or social media to make sure you are safe. If it is safe and possible to do, we will arrange to meet with you at the agency or location of your choice. Should you require emergency assistance (e.g., food, medical care) or need emotional support during this crisis, please let us know by contacting your case planner or call the hotline at any time at (800) 339-2699.


‘I Needed Help That People in My Life Couldn’t Give Me’ – Through preventive services I’ve found ways to feel safe, calm and connected

 Click here for full story

Rise Mag.

“Emotional Well-Being of Young Children and Their Families Collaborative Approach Initiative”

Sponsored by the Child Welfare Fund, the Lower East Side Family Union continues to meet the emotional and mental health needs of young children and their families. In partnership with NYU Langone Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital we provide services that help to foster healthy attachments between children and caregivers, promote emotional stability, effective and positive parenting, and increase the overall safety of children.  LESFU and Bellevue will be working together to complete relevant screenings, offer an evidence-based parenting training intervention (Circle of Security) and have committed to unified processes that will facilitate “warm hand-offs” between the two institutions as needed.


The families that come through our doors at the Lower East Side Family Union are often vulnerable, highly stressed, and perhaps have a history of trauma.  Research shows that children as young as 0-3 can be affected by the family’s circumstances and that these experiences can impact later emotional health and learning for these children.  In order to ensure healthy child development in these families, there needs to be a way to quickly identify their needs and intervene with early childhood mental health problems in both children and parents alike.  Coupled with this, integration between community-based programs and hospital-based mental health clinics is key, and needs to be thoughtful, concerted, and almost seamless.


The sooner we help to address early childhood mental health problems with the families we serve, the better position the families can be in as the children develop, grow up, and eventually enter school.  We at LESFU are truly excited about this initiative and have a shared dedication and collective responsibility to the emotional well-being of the young children and families in our community.


LESFU has adopted Solution Based Casework (SBC)

LESFU has adopted Solution Based Casework (SBC)

Since July 1, 2013 we have been using Solution Based Casework (SBC) as our child welfare practice model. SBC is an evidenced-based casework practice model that prioritizes working in partnership with families, focuses on pragmatic solutions to difficult situations, and notices and celebrates change. Most importantly, SBC targets the prevention skills needed for case management providers and families to reduce the risk in everyday life situations.


We have decided that the application of the SBC model would support LESFU’s continuous efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of NYC’s children and families.

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Free Afterschool Programs!

Free afterschool programs for youth in elementary, middle, and high school! DYCD’s afterschool programs are located in community centers, middle schools, and community-based organizations throughout the five boroughs. Afterschool programs operate in the afternoons, and many are held on evenings and weekends, and during school holidays, vacation Stay Connected Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Watch us on YouTube Get Your ID Get a Library Card

In-School Youth Attention high school juniors and seniors! The In-School Youth (ISY) program is DYCD’s year-round program targeting at-risk high school juniors and seniors. The ISY
periods, and the summer.


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