Family Support and Family/Treatment Rehabilitative Preventive Services

LESFU Preventive Programs provide comprehensive services to children and families to prevent foster care placement by:

  • Ensuring that Children are Safe
  • Providing Parenting Education
  • Offering Individual and Family Counseling
  • Providing Community-Based Referrals to Strengthen and Empower the Family

Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative

LESFU is part of a major initiative sponsored the City of New York to reduce infant mortality on the lower east side of Manhattan. As an active participant in the Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership, LESFU’s IMRI program provides:

  • Case Management
  • Parent Education and Support
  • Data to support Research and Evaluation Efforts

Limited Services

The Lower East Side Family Union is a long-standing community-based organization with a rich history of serving children, adults and families in New York City. We offer a host of social, emotional, recreational, vocational and civic resources and opportunities upon request.  Limited Services are open to anyone in need of support and LESFU staff will readily provide assistance. Short-term assistance includes and is not limited to:

  • Housing Needs
  • Food and Clothing Resources
  • Securing Vital Documents (e.g., social security cards, birth certificates)
  • Summer Camp Registration (e.g. Fresh Air Fund)